Hiba Closet Bags

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3 scent bags - 1 resealable storage bag

For closet or for clothes storage. Natural insect repellant and prevents mildew growth. Replace bags every 3 to 6 months depending on the environment. When not in use it can be sealed in the storage bag.

Long praised in Japan, Aomori Hiba is a slow-growing, long lived cypress tree whose wood has been used in the construction of temples and notable buildings throughout Japan for centuries. Hiba wood is naturally an antiseptic, water-resistant, insect-repelling, and a calming aromatic. Cul de Sac has developed a way to vapor extract the essential oil used in their products from waste lumber harvested from 250 year-old trees, thus recycling this useful and pleasing material. AMEICO will be offering Aomori Hiba packaged in small quantities in different forms: as sachets, as an oil, and as a spray for the home.