Four Step Ring

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The Counting Collection is an experiment in simple design. By adding one element at a time to a single form, each piece builds on the last, one by one. As a whole collection, these rings and earrings demonstrate the evolution of a dynamic, linear pattern.

Similar to the four-step ring but with a large, bold opal at its center that is flanked by smaller opals.

Materials & Dimensions:

  • 14k solid recycled gold 
  • Large Opal: Diameter 4mm, 0.15 cts, Australia origin
  • Small Opals: Diameter 2mm, 0.03 cts each, approx. 0.09 cts total, Australia origin
  • Band: Thickness 1.2mm

This piece is handmade in New York, using responsibly-sourced100% natural Australian Opals, reclaimed diamonds, and 100% post-consumer recycled gold.


Diamonds are durable by nature but still should be handled with care. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme heat. If your stone needs cleaning, you can use a polishing cloth, dish soap, and a baby tooth brush to clean underneath the setting and bring it back to its original beauty. 

WWAKE's opals are all natural and each unique to their cut and color. We're proud of our stones and guarantee the best selection that is available. Please note that while they guarantee this quality, they, however, cannot promise exact replicas of the colors photographed due to the natural variations within the stone. Thank you in advance for understanding!

While we love the brilliance of WWAKE's opals, it's important to know that this comes hand in hand with the fact that they are a "softer" stone. In general, we recommend being gentle with your opal rings, follow the tips above, and be mindful not to hit them against something hard by mistake.