Minimal/Active Tall Pods

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Minimal/Active Pods will revolutionize the way you wear and style your EarPods. These little minimal earrings not only look great but act as little supports, they hold your EarPods in place, catch them if they slip out and most importantly they're a versatile pair of earrings and look super with or without the EarPods on.

Inspired by a vocabulary of minimal lines, the Minimal/Active Pods add the perfect chic touch to your look. Perfect for a long busy day, a run, or a sweaty session at the gym - rest assured your EarPods will stay in place and your style will be on point!

Designed so you can effortlessly slip your EarPods in and out of the earrings through the day (you won't even need a mirror), you'll never want to wear your EarPods without them!


- One size fits all


- 22k gold plated bronze


*Note: These earrings fit best with the original Apple AirPods*