Kome No Megumi

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KOME-NO-MEGUMI means the blessing of rice. Rice has been the staple food of Japan since antiquity. Theses candles are made with rice bran wax and take only 30 minutes to burn out. The light might give you the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, or some of your favorite music. A kind of timer, but one where you never feel rushed.

size: φ1.3, 0.8 (up, low) x h7 cm
burn time: 30 min
ingredients: Rice bran wax
content: 8 pieces

Place of Origin: Ishikawa, Japan

Instructions for Use

Please light the candle in an appropriate area away from other items.
It is recommended to cut the black burned wick with a trimmer to adjust the size of the flame.


Do not place flammable materials near or above the candle.
Keep the candle away from direct sunlight and wind.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.