Ceramic Ritual Oil Diffuser - Almond White

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Infuse your space with the power of therapeutic scent.

Diffusing essential oils is an ancient way to absorb the healing life-force of plants & flowers.

With a sculptural silhouette & purposeful design, Bodha's Ritual Oil Diffuser is the perfect addition to any room.

Use to:
- create space
- calm the nervous system
- naturally, scent a room

Designed in collaboration with acclaimed product designer Jamie McLellan & hand-cast from ceramic in New Zealand.

To use: fill the dish 3/4 with water, add a few drops of Bodha's Calm Ritual Oil (or your favorite pure essential oil), light candle & breathe in.

Made in New Zealand

‘A potent oil diffuser like this has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.’ - Andrea Kovszun, Sporteluxe


Founded in 2014, Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent.