Sasara Brush (For Corners)

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Cleaning tight corners and edges will no longer be a chore. Take your cue from traditional Japanese households and use a Sasara brush to sweep the tiniest spots around your home. Expertly crafted with windmill palm fibers bundled together tightly with a single metal wire, the versatile Sasara Tawashi Corner Brush by Takada may be small, but it will serve you well for up to twenty years.


- Windmill Palm Fibers and Stainless Steel


dia10 x h110mm

About Tawashi Brushes:

Tawashi are traditional brushes made from the fibers of the windmill palm. For centuries such brushes have been used in Japan for cleaning pots and dishes.

For some seventy years, Takada's artisans have been handcrafting tawashi one at a time, using only the finest, carefully-selected materials harvested from trees cultivated in Wakayama Prefecture, in southwestern Japan. Despite appearances, their brushes are in fact astonishingly soft, making them as suitable for bathing as they are for scrubbing fruits and vegetables, imparting a gentle, pleasing and invigorating sensation to your skin. But don't take our word for it—pick one up and experience for yourself the quality that lends the everyday something a bit extraordinary.