Aroma Oil Warmer

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AROMA OIL WARMER brings about a pleasant shift in your day. The design is reminiscent of a coffee equipment and adds warmth to your interior space. The heat-resistant glass cup and the stainless steel stand both have simple structures which are easy to maintain clean. 


[set] W78 x D70 x H110 mm
[set] W3.1 x D2.8 x H4.4 in


Cup - Heat-resistant glass maximum temperature differential: 150℃/302℉ Dishwasher safe. Do not use the product in a microwave. Wash with care and don't use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Sudden temperature change may break or shatter the product. While the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it and do not place it to on a wet cloth or in a wet sink.


- Product size and shape varies in each item due to manufacturing process.

- Don't pour hot water into the cup before it is set with the stand.

- To prevent rust, immediately wash and dry well after use.

- Store it away from other metals.

- Use the product on a flat surface.

- Don't overheat without water.

- Heat only with a candle the same size as the one included in the package.

- Don't use on a direct fire.

- Don't use a solid fuel.

- Don't place flammable items around this product while using.

- Don't leave this product unattended while using.

- Don't touch the product with bare hands when heated and after heating.

- Don't place this stand directly on the table for a long time as its heat may ruin the surface.

- Keep the product out of reach of children and pets.