Dammei Bag

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A classic leather bag should be on everyone's list of wardrobe-essentials.

The Dammei Bag has been created with everyday use at the forefront, without compromising on quality or style. Crafted from semi-vegetable tanned leather which will age beautifully with wear, the design features two zip-closure pouches, adjustable leather straps, and a smaller internal zip pocket for security.


Semi Vegetable Tanned Cow Leather

Leather is a natural, renewable material made from animal hides that have been preserved and softened through a tanning process. Semi-vegetable tanned leather is tanned using natural plant tannins and then chemically finished, giving a soft finish.

Elk selects their leathers based on their individual properties and the intended application.

Leather lasts a long time, ages well, and is easy to care for and repair. Unlike many synthetic materials, leather develops a patina over time and gets better with age. Buying a well-made leather product can be considered an investment and supports the slow fashion ethos of “buying less, buying better”. Leather can be recycled or upcycled, and once it reaches the end of its lifecycle it is biodegradable.

Chromium VI is not used in any tanning processes for our leathers.


- Height 25.5 cm
- Width 37 cm
- Depth 7.5 cm
- Strap Width 2.4 cm
- Strap length 56 cm


To maintain the beauty of your ELK bag we recommend protective sprays and using a good quality leather conditioner to treat the product, which will increase its longevity. Do not put leather pieces on the ground or rub against abrasive surfaces. Leather is a natural material and will wear with age and use.