Rosa Pluvia Spirit Water

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Rosa Pluvia Spirit Water is for personal ritual of intention and energy clearing to awaken heart and spirit.

Noat Spirit Waters emerge from the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Pure essential oils, hydrosols and absolutes are used for the well-being of all bodies; yours and the planet’s. No synthetics are used. Ever. Each bottle is truly hand-made in small batches.

Rosa Pluvia
Rebirth and initiation into the mysteries. Love, purification, harmony

Rose, neroli, bergamot, sweet orange, ylang ylang

Rose Quartz:
Love, healing, release, divine union

Amplification of intention, magnification of energy, clearing, cleansing, healing

Pink Opal:
Clearing, calming, heart soothing 


To comfort and uplift, spray your palms with the spirit water, then stroke and caress yourself and/or a loved one. It can be applied to the body, scalp, face, let your intuition guide you.

To clear your energetic field, fill a healing bath can be drawn by adding 1/2 cup of sea salt and a Tbs of Spirit Water. Soak and then rinse off in the shower. Once dry spray you’re palms with Spirit Water and stroke yourself down.

To open your senses before meditation, spray your palms, smell the essence, allow it to bring you into awareness of the moment through smell, taste, touch, hearing and knowing.

Raise your vibration, mist above your head and around your body, hold your heart, set a powerful intention and welcome loving energy toward you.

Clear a space by setting the intention to cleanse the area, open windows and the spraying the Spirit Water around the edge of the room and in the center of the room.

Help get a restful night sleep by misting Spirit Water over your head and around you body to your feet and mist over your pillow.

Cleanse sacred tools and/or your altar by setting the intention to clear them and misting over each object while thanking them for the energy they bring and asking for guidance in their highest use.

Use as a fire blessing by misting your palms and rubbing a candle from the base to the top covering all sides and/or misting over wood or sacred herbs used before burning.

Synthetic free  |  USA made  |  Vegan  |  No animal testing