Wood Palette Pendant

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The Wooden Palette Pendant is a striking piece with multiple circle shaped discs stacked together to create a mouldable curve at the end of the cotton waxed cord. Tonal colours have been used which make it a versatile piece to wear with many different outfits. Adjust the cord to which ever length you please by easily moving the slip knots. It is nice to wear at its longest over a colourful top for a fun and fresh look.

This pendant is 100% handmade. Crafted from sustainable plantation timber under the Go Green organisation each piece is hand cut, shaped, dyed and then polished with a natural wax based product. The beads are strung on waxed cotton cord and the finished piece is extremely light. Handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family owned workshop.

Avoid all liquids. If milky spots or marks appear due to contact with liquid they can be removed and the original appearance restored using jewellery wax or another suitable natural polish.